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October 11, 2017
Keisha Lance Bottoms Announces Affordable Housing Plan: $1 Billion to Stop Displacement/Expand Housing


October 11, 2017
Contact:  Phillana Williams
Phone:  646.289.1614


Keisha Lance Bottoms Announces Affordable Housing Plan:
$1 Billion to Stop Displacement/Expand Housing


(Atlanta) – Keisha Lance Bottoms announces her plan to increase affordable housing, pledging to raise and commit $1 billion to expand affordability throughout Atlanta and stop the displacement of residents in gentrified communities, through the creation of the Atlanta Affordable Housing Initiative.

During her term as Mayor, Bottoms has committed to working to raise $500 million from the private sector, matching that with an additional $500 million in public investment.

“I introduced Displacement Free Zone legislation to the City and now, in the Vine City/English Avenue neighborhood, funding to help homeowners offset higher property taxes is available.  It also provides grants for home improvements.  I will expand this type of fund throughout Atlanta as Mayor,” Bottoms said.

“No one should be forced to leave their home because of outrageous increases in rent and property taxes,” Bottoms continued.  “Our full-time minimum wage workers and seniors on fixed incomes are being victimized the most.  They need to know that I will be a Mayor that will fight for them to stay in their homes.”

Bottoms will:

  • – Create an Atlanta Rental Housing Initiative that will create a comprehensive inventory of affordable rental stock, support not-for-profit developers dedicated to affordability and anti-displacement, enforce rental quality standards and promote the rights of renters throughout the city.
  • – Ensure that all land owned by the city is never sold to private developers who are not committed to affordable housing.
  • – Implement a new zoning policy that means all new residential construction citywide must include affordable housing.



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