“Atlanta is the city where impossible dreams take form.”

– Keisha Lance Bottoms

Atlanta – and Atlantans — can do anything we decide.  We rose from ashes to become the undisputed economic engine of the south. We birthed the Civil Rights Movement and showed the whole world the value of human dignity. We create the films that everyone wants to see, and the music that everyone dances to. We will only continue to rise. I am running for mayor to make sure that, as we rise, we don’t leave anyone behind. Right now, some serious problems are keeping us from reaching our full potential: an educational system that is failing to equip too many of our young people for a successful future. An economy that too often works best for only some of us, not all. A real estate market that leaves too many of our residents in danger of being left out in the cold. A road and transit system that slows us down instead of bringing us together. Neighborhoods that don’t always feel as safe as they should. These problems are not separate from each other, and the solutions can’t be either. That is why I am proposing a platform that addresses them together. I call it All Rise, because here in Atlanta, we know that we rise or fall together. And because this is a city that can do anything it decides, let’s all decide to rise.

Democrats from across our city, state and nation have chosen to rally around my campaign because they believe in the progressive values that I represent and will champion including criminal justice reform, affordable housing, ending homelessness and economic/workforce development. I am proud to present my full progressive agenda for the first one hundred days of my administration.

My All Rise Program Will...

Make our neighborhoods safer by:
Tackle our traffic and transit problems by:
Address our housing affordability challenges by:
Create good-paying jobs for Atlantans from every community by:
Support our LGBTQ community by:
Support our students and their families by:
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