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Ethics and Transparency Reform Act of 2018

  1. Contracting improprieties should not be tolerated, and will not be tolerated, during my tenure as Mayor. For that reason, no one who contributed to my campaign will be eligible for any city contract unless approved through a new independent evaluation process that determines and certifies that such a contract would be awarded on merit and merit only.  No one appointed to serve would be connected to my campaign or any of the campaigns of a city elected official.  Rooting out favoritism, contracting improprieties, and insider deals will be at the heart of a Keisha Lance Bottoms Administration.

  2. In my first act as Mayor, I will appoint an independent auditor to do a complete audit of the City’s current procurement process. The auditor will be tasked with following the facts wherever they go and will set the framework for a complete overhaul of how the City procures its goods and services.

  3. I will take the extraordinary step of appointing an independently funded Chief Compliance Officer. This Compliance Officer will be empowered to investigate and enforce any and all safeguards for clean and open government.

  4. We will introduce a City of Atlanta version of the “Tax Returns Uniformly Made Public Act,” or “T.R.U.M.P. Act.” Similar legislation has been filed in North Carolina and New York, requiring Presidential candidates to disclose their tax returns in order to appear on state ballots. We will hold city officials to the same high standard, requiring all candidates for City office to file five years of tax returns with the Municipal Clerk at least 70 days prior to an election.

  5. We will make the City of Atlanta an international leader for Open Data. We will build on the current efforts of our police force, planning department, and Atlanta Regional Commission to open up our City’s data for the world to see. With this unprecedented disclosure of information, citizens will have the ability to quickly and directly get answers on exactly how their government is working for them.

  6. We will ensure greater transparency for the disclosure of campaign contributions to candidates for political office in City of Atlanta. The best cure for a lack of transparency is sunshine. We’ll institute reforms to make it far easier to determine online who made and received campaign contributions.

  7. An open and transparent government requires that citizens be educated on how their government works. We’ll create an open government education program to help the public understand the basics of government, civics and utilizing open data. Atlanta will be a leader in informing its citizens of their opportunities to participate in the political process.

  8. We will tighten the requirements for lobbyist registration and disclosure. Citizens have a right to know who is lobbying their government. We will enact reforms even stronger than existing state laws to make clear who is lobbying government, who they are talking to within government, and how much they are getting paid to do so. Lobbyist will wear a badge when they walk into city hall, just as they do when they walk into the State Capitol.

  9. Our administration will strengthen and clarify the application of gift laws to city officials and employees. The current rules governing gifts need to be strengthened and clarified to ensure that the public has full confidence that City of Atlanta officials and employees are acting with only one interest in mind, the public interest.

  10. We will enact a robust internal compliance program to ensure that all city officials and employees are clear on what their restrictions and obligations are as public servants. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure in the area of transparency and we will eliminate issues before they arise via a comprehensive internal compliance program.

Any contracts for the supply of drugs must be approved, and the sale of drugs over the Internet must be carried out in compliance with all prescribed procedures.

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