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May 8, 2016
Atlanta Parent


Moms Just Like the Rest of Us

Atlanta Parent

Keisha Lance Bottoms

Atlanta City Council  /  Mom to Lance, Langston, Lincoln and Lennox, ages 3-12

What’s your favorite activity for mother-child bonding?
We are a pretty busy family so just being able to spend a day at home with nothing scheduled for anyone is a real treat. It’s especially fun when we make a giant bowl of popcorn and sit together under blankets and watch movies. It sounds simple but it’s these kinds of moments that allow us to really bond as a family.

What are three words to describe your life right now?
Bustling, busy, blessed.

What do you do to nurture yourself?
Running helps keep me balanced. It is often the only activity that I do that is all about me. Running gives me a chance to relax, pray, plan birthday parties and troubleshoot some of the city’s challenges, sometimes all in just a three-mile run.

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