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October 11, 2013
Cascade Patch


Keisha Lance Bottoms Introduces Legislation to Improve Aesthetics on Campbellton

Cascade Patch | October 11, 2013

Atlanta City Councilmember Keisha Lance Bottoms introduced legislation on Monday, Oct. 7th that will limit the number and size of signs that businesses can post in windows and require displayers to obtain a sign permit if the advertisement is visible from the public right of way.

“It is not uncommon to find windows in businesses in many low income areas completely covered with signs advertising an assortment of items, including alcohol and cigarettes.  There often seems that there is no regard for the way this advertising makes the community look,” said Councilmember Bottoms. “I am hopeful that this legislation will improve the appearances of many of the businesses that are eyesores throughout the City.”

On Friday, October 4th Councilmember Bottoms joined the City of Atlanta’s Department Planning/Zoning, the Office of Code Enforcement, the Department of Public Works, the City Solicitor’s Office and other city departments in a tour of the Campbellton Road corridor from the 1700 block to the 2000 block of the thoroughfare.

“I took representatives of several departments on a tour of Campbellton Road so that everyone could see the code enforcement and zoning issues plaguing the area.  It was important that we joined together in evaluating these issues in order to identify the most effective way to resolved them,” said Bottoms.

During the tour, citations and warnings were issued for several businesses for code violations.

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